Theme Set for Round Six

The mods have compiled seven sets of themes for this round, along with links to some resources:

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The winner of the theme challenge will not necessarily be the person who uses the most themes, so please don't feel obliged to cram in as many themes as you can. Rather, we hope that you will take a group of themes that you find interesting and use them to write a great story. Since we realize that all of these criteria are highly subjective, both mods will do their evaluations independently and take the average to determine the point totals.

Reminder: If you decide to take on the theme challenge, please remember to list the themes you've included at the beginning of your fic!

Sign-ups and Theme for Round Six

It's time to sign up for the sixth round of subrosa_tennis! This round is devoted to fics of at least 2500 words, with no maximum length. The theme contest returns this round: for this round's themes, click here. Remember, you don't need to use the themes to participate in subrosa_tennis! For reasons why people join subrosa_tennis, please see All About Subrosa Tennis.

This round, authors are allowed to submit one solo work and up to two collaborative works. There is no collaboration division; authors intending to collaborate should sign up as individuals and submit jointly. Any collaborative fics will be posted with the IDs of both authors.

Frequently Asked Questions from previous rounds are here; feel free to post a question if it doesn't answer yours!

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A support community for beleaguered writers and their faithful readers is at subrosa_lounge. Questions to the community or mods can also be posted there; the Frequently Asked Questions post is a good place to start. This round's themes can be found here.

Round Five Author Reveal and Prize-winners!

Author Reveal
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Congratulations to haruyuki, who guessed an absolutely stunning 19 authors correctly out of 21! Honorable mention goes to _sabriel, who matched 6 authors to their fics correctly. Because Ai couldn't decide which fic she liked better, congratulations to both lysapadin and ataraxistence for winning Ai's Challenge! Last but not least, congratulations to lysapadin for winning the commenter prize by commenting on all 21 fics!

haruyuki, _sabriel, lysapadin, and ataraxistence, please e-mail aiwritingfic (aiwritingfic at auone dot jp) with your three favorite schools and three favorite characters, as well as your mailing address. (If there is a tie or if your request can't be met, I'll get back to you ASAP.)

Random Statistics
Most recognisable authors (4 correct guesses): giving_ground, trixie_chick
Most mysterious author (0 correct guesses): thesundaywriter
Authors may e-mail aiwritingfic (aiwritingfic at auone dot jp) for individual guessed-as and attributed-to stats.

Final Words
Thank you to everyone who participated in one way or another! Authors, betas, readers, guessers, and commenters are all essential to making each round of subrosa_tennis enjoyable for everyone. We hope you had fun, and we hope you'll stay tuned for the next round of subrosa_tennis!

Authors, you are now free to post your fic elsewhere. ^_^ Again THANK YOU for writing for us, and we hope to see you in the next round!
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Final Reminder

[Edit: Guessing has officially closed. Reveals will be up as soon as I can get them done!]

PSA: Guessing for subrosa_tennis ends in 12 hours! (*extended to allow Ai to get back from work to do the tallies*) If you haven't guessed yet, this is your last chance to be included in the running for prizes. ^_^ Reveals will be up as soon as possible after guessing closes! For your convenience, here is the guessing post.

This post will be edited when the deadline has passed.

Round Five - Fic Directory and Guessing Post

Welcome to subrosa_tennis Round Five, featuring 21 fics from 21 authors!

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Total: 21 fics

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Total: 21 authors

Guessing guidelines

Please leave your guesses as comments to this post in the following format:

[ID] author's LJ name

You don't need to guess for all the fics, only as many as you can figure out. You also don't need to leave all your guesses in one comment; you can comment with additional guesses. (If you do split up your guesses into several comments, we do ask that you try to keep them in the same comment thread to make it easier on the mods to score the guessing.) However, you can only guess one writer for each fic. In the case where you've changed your guess, the most recent guess will be the one considered. You don't need to be a member of this community to guess!

All guesses will be screened to avoid unduly influencing other people with your opinions. You are free to post public speculations in your own LJ, but please try to avoid doing so in subrosa_tennis itself or subrosa_lounge.

To help you in your guessing, the list of authors who submitted has been posted, complete with links to their writing archives. Please do feel free to leave feedback for the fanfics by commenting on the posts! However, we encourage authors to keep their comments anonymous until the guessing is over (because seeing who leaves feedback can be used in the process of elimination).

The deadline for guessing is November 1, 2008, 11:59 PM PST! Please be sure to check that you're guessing writers who have actually submitted fics for this round; check the author directory linked above. Results will be posted two weeks after the reveal.

Authors: If you wish to make any changes to your fics (spotting last-minute typos), please e-mail aiwritingfic [ aiwritingfic -at- auone -dot- jp ]. Also, if you haven't done so already, please email the mods at [ subrosa_tennis -at- yahoo -dot- com ] with the names of people who are not allowed to guess for your fic (e.g. betas, friends whom you've discussed it with, etc.).
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Slight Delay in Posting

Edit: Fics have been posted.

Posting is delayed due to some slight technical difficulties--but never fear, I've e-mailed the author(s). The fics will be made public by the weekend, DEFINITELY, even if I have to post empty placeholder entries for some fics.

ETA: One down, one more to go. subrosa_tennis will post tonight after I get back from work--can't do it there because LJ is blocked at work and I am teaching so I won't have time. If I don't hear back from the author by 11pm Tokyo time, I will make a decision on her behalf. ^_^;
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Deadline Extension

Dear subrosa_tennis writers,

We heard your requests for an extension, and we're responding to an obvious need. The deadline has been extended for one week--the new deadline is now October 7th (same time).

We look forward to seeing your fics! ♥

Your Subrosa Tennis Mods